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CTEQ Intégration CRM à la Plateforme client, CTEQ Integration of a CRM into an existing platform

Case study: Integration of a CRM into an existing platform

The Centre de transfert d’entreprise du Quebec (CTEQ) offers its services to Quebec entrepreneurs who are selling or taking over a business. Since its founding in 2014, this non-profit organization has supported more than 11,000 entrepreneurs across the province.

It serves as a gathering place for the business transfer community, working closely with political and economic players in each of Quebec’s 17 administrative regions. The organization works tirelessly to offer its users high-quality services, innovative training programs, and helpful tools to discover and cultivate new opportunities.

The CTEQ approached PLANCO to help it implement new, more user-friendly client features for its INDEX platform. Additionally, the CTEQ wanted to automate certain functions, permit user collaboration with advisors, and offer additional tools to its clients.


The CTEQ’s major offering to business transferors and buyer was a platform for networking and discovering local opportunities. However, the technology was overdue for a facelift.

The CTEQ needed to accommodate various client needs, manage profiles more effectively, improve user access, increase data security, and add several new features. Moreover, all these elements needed to be fully integrated into the CTEQ’s CRM system, its principal internal platform.

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