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SimplAssur Implantation d'un CRM

Case study: Implementation of a CRM for Simplinsur

Shortly after its founding, insurance company Simplinsur (SimplAssur in Quebec) entrusted PLANCO with implementing a CMR for its Ontario and Quebec offices.

Simplisur faced many challenges in the quest for peak productivity and tip-top operations. But in PLANCO, it had found the ideal partner: a team of digital transformation experts with in-depth knowledge of the insurance industry.

PLANCO’s robust background in insurance helped it quickly identify Simplinsur’s needs, the challenges it would face, and the best strategy for a successful transformation. For the smoothest transition possible, it would be vital to get all stakeholders, including investors, on the same page.


When Simplinsur first contacted PLANCO, the company had three major needs. First, a central platform to manage its external referral systems. Secondly, automated processes for communicating with customers and managing claims.

These tasks were being performed manually, resulting in frequent duplications. Thirdly, Simplinsur needed the means to measure the effectiveness of its prospecting and sales processes. Its teams were losing precious time to busy work and not operating at their best.

A CRM was the ideal solution for all these challenges. It was PLANCO’s job to plan a transformation that would allow its client to keep doing business in the meantime—and fast.

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