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Case study: Launching the Simplinsur insurance company

Founded in 2016, Simplinsur is an insurance company serving clients across Canada. While it may be new to the industry, Simplinsur is already being recognized for its excellent property and casualty insurance products offered by five national mortgage brokers.

PLANCO faced many challenges in carrying out Simplinsur’s digital transformation. But thanks to its experience in the industry, PLANCO could assure the undertaking would be a success.


As Simplinsur planned to launch in Quebec and Ontario, it had multiple objectives in mind. Well-aware that leading-edge technologies would be a deciding factor in its competitiveness, Simplinsur called on PLANCO to develop its digital solutions.

PLANCO was tasked with standardizing interprovincial operations, implementing performance indicators common to both offices, and coordinating data integration between the Quebec and Ontario insurance brokerage platforms and their four insurers.

In Ontario, Simplinsur had acquired an existing insurance company that was using legacy systems. PLANCO’s job was to transform those disparate systems into an industry-recognized structure and set up a call centre designed to eventually respond to more than 14,000 potential clients a year.

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